Be one of the first to experience Sony’s groundbreaking innovations and pre-order the new Alpha 9 III camera and FE 300mm F2.8 GM OSS telephoto lens.

Photographers and enthusiasts can pre-order Sony’s Alpha 9 III for Php 349,599 and get a free CEA-G160T CF Express Type A memory card worth Php 28,900. It is equipped with the world’s first full-frame global shutter image sensor. Meanwhile, Sony’s FE 300mm F2.8 GM OSS, the world’s lightest 300 mm telephoto prime lens, is available for Php 379,990. It has a 35 mm full-frame α™ (Alpha™) E-mount lens (product name SEL300F28GM) with a maximum aperture of F2.8.

The pre-order promotion is available from January 12 until February 4, 2024, at all participating authorized dealers nationwide.


Features of the Alpha 9 III

A new dimension of still image performance created by the world’s first global shutter image sensor

The Alpha 9 III is equipped with a newly developed world’s first global shutter full frame stacked CMOS image sensor with approximately 24.6 effective megapixels and built-in memory, combined with the latest image processing engine BIONZ XR®. It achieves blackout-free Continuous Shooting Speed with AF/AE tracking of up to approximately 120 frames per second5. It is equipped with high-density focal plane phase detection AF. A Designated AI processing unit uses Real-time Recognition AF to recognize a wide variety of subjects with high precision. By combining high-speed performance of up to 120 frames per second with highly accurate subject recognition performance, it is possible to easily photograph decisive scenes and moments that cannot be captured with the naked eye5.  Its AI processing supports movies as well as stills with accurate subject form and movement recognition, providing a significant improvement in human eye recognition performance with Real-time Recognition AF and Real-time Tracking automatically recognizing, tracking, and focusing on the eyes of a specified subject. With 8.0 stops of optical 5-axis in-body image stabilization, Alpha 9 III renders high-quality images.


Advanced video performance without distortion 

The global shutter image sensor in the Alpha 9 III offers distortion-free image expression for both videos and still images. It’s the first in the Alpha™ series to record 4K 120p high-frame-rate video without cropping, enabling shooting at the intended angle of view. Additionally, it supports high-resolution 4K 60p videos with 6K oversampling.

The camera features S-Cinetone™ for enhanced video creation, developed from the VENICE digital cinema camera, providing natural highlights and making subjects, especially human skin, stand out beautifully. It is also equipped with the latest video performance, including rich gradation performance, S-Log3, and compatibility with user-imported LUTs in Log shooting mode. It is also compatible with the “Monitor & Control” mobile app for video creators.


Operability and reliability for professionals 

The shape of the grip is improved and ergonomically designed for comfortable handling, ensuring ease even when holding it with a telephoto lens or during extended use to minimize user strain.

The VG-C5 vertical grip (sold separately), provides the same operability and versatility as when shooting horizontally; the user can comfortably support long shooting sessions. With a design matching the main body, the grip and shutter button area ensures comfortable image capture and consistent camera operability. The Alpha 9 III features a 4-axis multi-angle LCD monitor with touch functionality for intuitive navigation through the latest touch menu. The electronic viewfinder uses a 9.44 million-dot Quad XGA OLED and achieves high visibility with the same brightness as the α7R V and a magnification of approximately 0.90x. Additionally, a front custom button on the camera allows instant adjustment of continuous shooting speed using the grip-held finger for highly immediate operations.


High-speed workflow and scalability to support immediate delivery 

New features in the Alpha 9 III include a playback image filter for efficient selection during high-speed continuous shooting and a function menu usable during image playback, supporting professional workflows from shooting to delivery.

The “Playback Function Menu” can be assigned in advance, so the user can perform protection, smartphone transfer, FTP transfer, etc. during image playback. This allows users to efficiently select images using a playback filter and quickly deliver specific images directly from the function menu. It is equipped with a dedicated microphone for voice memos on the back, and a built-in microphone located near the mouth that allows clear recording of audio even in noisy environments. The recorded audio data can be transferred via FTP along with the images. The camera allows the user to set up to 20 presets from the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC), an international consultative body in which news organizations from various countries participate.


Features of the FE 300mm F2.8 GM OSS

G Master telephoto lens that captures decisive moments with high resolution and beautiful bokeh

Incorporating Sony’s cutting-edge technology, the G Master’s high-resolution performance and beautiful bokeh make the subject stand out clearly and precise AF captures decisive moments such as sports, news reports, events, and wildlife photography. An innovative optical design that includes three Super ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements and one ED glass element is effectively placed to suppress chromatic aberration and achieve high resolution and contrast across the entire frame. Outstanding resolution and contrast are maintained right out to the image edges, which also allows for more flexible cropping and editing.


High-performance AF that captures dynamic moments and high-speed continuous shooting with AE/AF tracking up to 120 frames per second

The combination of two latest XD (extreme dynamic) Linear Motors and control algorithms provides high-speed, high-precision, and low-vibration AF performance. When combined with the simultaneously announced Alpha 9 III, it enables high-speed continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking of up to 120 frames per second. This allows you to capture dynamic subjects without missing a moment’s opportunity, even when shooting scenes where the subject moves quickly, such as sports or animals, or scenes where the subject moves erratically, such as at events. In addition, high AF performance is demonstrated even when the separately sold teleconverter is attached.


Exceptional mobility and comfortable operability that support professionals in the field

Extensive weight reduction measures make FE 300mm F2.8 GM OSS the lightest in its class at approximately 1470g (excluding tripod mount) and has been designed with consideration to weight balance. The internal lens barrel uses durable magnesium alloy to achieve both high robustness and light weight. The weight is not concentrated at the front of the lens barrel, making it highly stable and allows for agile and accurate panning while handheld shooting. In addition, MODE3, which provides enhanced viewfinder stability and optimizes the image stabilization algorithm, allows you to accurately capture dynamic scenes.

In addition, when using with the Alpha 9 III, you can assign “preset focus” to the function ring that allows you to instantly adjust the focus to any position[xi]. Furthermore, the camera features comfortable operability that supports professional shooting, including focus hold buttons placed in four locations that allow you to assign your favorite functions from the camera body.

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