French spirits house Rémy Martin remains unstoppable when it comes to cultivating its passion for excellence as it teams up with Antonio’s PGA’s Chef Cyrille Soenen, a Maîtres Cuisiniers de France or “Master Chef of France”.

Rémy Martin has selected Chef Soenen to create a variety of exceptional dishes paired with the brand’s finest cognacs. Guests were served a full course meal which includes dry aged U.S. beef tenderloin infused with Rémy Martin VSOP, Chilean sea bass confit blended with Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal, lamb shoulder confit with Rémy Martin XO, and dark chocolate clafoutis soaked in Cointreau for dessert.   

The special menu was exclusively curated with each dish complementing the distinct notes and characteristics of the brand’s cognacs, creating a harmonious and unforgettable tasting experience. This collaboration is in line with the brand’s initiatives focusing on the extraordinary fusion of creativity, gastronomy, and eco-consciousness.

“By bringing together the craftsmanship of Rémy Martin and Chef Soenen’s world-class culinary expertise, we aim to demonstrate how the finest cognacs can elevate your overall dining experience,” said Myke Soon, Country Brand Lead of Rémy Cointreau Philippines.

The internationally distinguished Chef Soenen was first known in Manila as the chef of Prince Albert, then of his own restaurant, Brasserie CiÇou, then as chef of Outlets and Impressions Restaurant, and recently as Director Of Culinary Arts Catering Event CiÇou á La Maison.

“Throughout more than 30 years of my career, I’ve always strived for excellence which is why I’m excited for this opportunity to create exceptional dishes for guests with a brand that resonates with my vision. It was a delightful experience to explore dishes infused with Rémy Martin’s cognacs,” said Chef Cyrille Soenen, Partner and Executive Chef of Antonio’s PGA.

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Some of the delectable dishes served to the guests were Dry Aged US Beef Tenderloin (left)
and Chilean Sea Bass Confit (right).

“We are honored to have collaborated with Chef Soenen, whose mastery of gastronomy perfectly complemented Rémy Martin cognacs. His artistry combined with Remy Martin’s spirits creates a symphony on the palate that embodies excellence,” Soon added.

Some of the brand’s finest cognacs are VSOP, 1738 Accord Royal, and XO. The VSOP has the ideal balance of potent and delicate smells, while the 1738 Accord Royal is noted for its distinctive blend of oaky smoothness and remarkable fruity flavor. The famous XO boasts a fully fragrant taste that lets you experience opulence at its fullest.

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About Rémy Martin

Founded in 1724, Rémy Martin is built on family relationships and a blend of tradition and innovation. The uniqueness of its cognac is rooted in their history of inclusivity and generosity. Based in the commune of Cognac, it is among the oldest cognac producers still in existence, and one of the biggest cognac brands responsible for producing most of the world’s cognac. Rémy Martin specializes in creating Cognac Fine Champagne.

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