The world’s fight against COVID-19 outbreak and the change in the current business and work environment, where mobility or physical movements are limited and restricted, pose a big challenge to a lot of brands and companies, but it’s no reason to stop, especially for essential industries. To navigate the shift, it is inevitable for businesses to stay relevant and connected with their publics.

A trailblazing public relations and social media agency helmed by practitioners with decades of experience in marketing and communications, ComCo Southeast Asia manages the innovation and adaptability of premier brands and advocates the growth and continuity of emerging businesses through the modern disciplines of New PR, a strategy based, content driven and channel agnostic way of doing PR, and Smart Social, a holistic and integrated approach in the maximization of digital and social channels. These digitally ready products and services are designed to help companies and brands be agile, stay relevant and connect with their target audiences and markets, at any time and place.

From strategic communications to tactical executions, from social media management to content marketing, from influencer engagement to media relations, we are here to help brands craft digital and public relations programs and tools that are insightful, impactful and meaningful, creatively executed in the virtual space.

Even with the enhanced community quarantine, out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind. Go Agile. Get empowered with New PR and Smart Social.

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Stay safe and strong!