Public Relations trailblazer COMCO Southeast Asia received 30 awards and 3 top award nominations for various projects for the 19th Philippine Quill Awards of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). This year’s Quill Awards, titled ‘MOVE,’ is the biggest one yet with winners selected from a pool of over 800 entries after rigorous evaluation and deliberation.

COMCO SEA Quill Awards New PR Smart Social

COMCO SEA was nominated for Agency of the Year and the top award in communication management for the second season of the Write to Ignite  Blogging Project under the ‘Media Relations’ and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ categories, as well as the top award in communication training and education for the Camp COMCO House Wars.

In Division 1 of the awards, centered around communication management, COMCO SEA won 19 awards in various projects, some of which include COMCO’s Blazing Sapphire: 5th Anniversary Celebration and “Meaningful Storytelling: The COMCO Southeast Asia Brand Evolution.”

The Agency received 2 awards in Division 3 for communication training and education with the Camp COMCO House Wars and “Igniting Social Good: The COMCO Southeast Asia and World Vision Cause Marketing for Good Initiative.”

COMCO SEA was also recognized for its excellence in communication skills under Division 4, receiving 9 awards for numerous projects including its “Igniting Southeast Asia’s Pop Culture – The SEA Wave Digital Magazine” and Eastern Communications joint project “Championing High Touch – Eastern Communications’ Blink and Our Strong Tomorrow Thanksgiving Night.”

COMCO Southeast Asia is a global award-winning communications agency with its headquarters in the Philippines and connections in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It has recently celebrated its 5th Blazing Sapphire Anniversary and has worked on more than 65 local and international brands. After receiving a total of over 100 awards from local and international award-giving bodies, COMCO continues to push for its brand of Meaningful Storytelling to Ignite Brand Love, Social Change, Talent Growth, and Regional Collaboration.

To learn more about COMCO Southeast Asia, visit their website at You can follow them on social media on on Facebook, and @comco_sea on both Instagram and Twitter.