By: Shaina Semaña

The Camp ComCo Alumni Society supported by ComCo Southeast Asia continues its outreach activities amidst the quarantine situation. The alumni and its advisory council had an online fundraising project among its members to prepare some food for the frontliners of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) in Manila, Philippines. Camp ComCo Alumni Society acknowledges the sacrifices of the PGH frontliners and wanted to express a simple gratitude through a timely outreach program.

In March this year, at the height of our country’s fight against virus, PGH was declared by the Department of Health as COVID-19 Referral Centers along with Dr. Jose M. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and Lung Center of the Philippines. This means the hospital is opening its doors to everyone who’s experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to get tested and receive proper medical attention. Since then, PGH and its modern-day hero frontliners have dedicated their time and effort fighting the coronavirus pandemic, putting themselves at great risk for having firsthand exposure to the virus.

The recently established Camp ComCo Alumni Society is an organization composed of graduates of ComCo Southeast Asia’s Camp ComCo Mentorship Program from its 4 mentoring houses (House Bearcat, House Flyingfox, House Hawksbill, and House Whaleshark) and 12 cycles. It aims to continue the program’s revolutionary learning culture among its members and supporters, proactively participate in meaningful relevant causes for social change, and continue and grow the alliance of the alumni.

Turnover to PGH - Camp ComCo Alumni Society - New PR Smart Social

The society has a lot of activities planned for the year but it was put on hold when the enhanced community quarantine happened. Being locked inside their houses didn’t stop them from moving, especially during this time of pandemic.

Matthew Escosia, Camp ComCo Alumni Society Vice President for Special Projects, said that the Camp ComCo Alumni Society is unique because it is a formal organization of former apprentices and interns of a communications agency. Firms who have internship programs don’t usually have that. It is easier for schools’ alumni associations to gather their graduates but Camp ComCo and its alumni are different, they made it possible. Escosia gives credit to the members’ bond and loyalty to its mentorship alma mater, ComCo Southeast Asia. “This is what makes the Camp ComCo Alumni Society a first of its kind,” Escosia said.

Turnover to PGH - Camp ComCo Alumni Society - New PR Smart Social

“Camp ComCo Alumni Society organizes various initiatives for multiple causes. I’m looking forward to seeing this organization grow further with more young professionals and students, as well as the promising projects we have lined up,” Escosia added.

Another Camp ComCo alumnus, Clars Botecario, who also generously extended a hand to the outreach program, considers the society as a blessing to young professionals. “It’s rare to find a powerhouse that truly reflects your ideals and it’s a blessing that ComCo SEA has been an avenue for us, freshies and young adults, to bring out our best potential—not only to empower ourselves but to also lend a helping hand to communities.”

Turnover to PGH - Camp ComCo Alumni Society - New PR Smart Social

Thank you, PGH and all other frontliners, for all your sacrifices for the health and wellness of everyone. Thank you ComCowans (as how we call our apprentices) for being of help even in these challenging times!

Stay healthy and safe! Together, we will rise from this crisis!

Built by the Agency’s pool of experts, Camp ComCo Mentorship Program is an intensive and comprehensive talent incubation initiative, industry linkage course and apprenticeship program designed to transform communication, marketing and multimedia arts students and fresh graduates into revolutionary practitioners of the industry.