The economic repercussions brought by the COVID-19 outbreak have further highlighted the need for businesses to be future-proof. While some companies struggled to adapt, others had the agility and flexibility to adjust amidst this period of uncertainty. But what does it really take to be future-proof.

Industry experts addressed this question at the recent webinar entitled “E-Huddle” hosted by Eastern Communications, one of the premier telecommunications companies in the Philippines. Highlighting digital trends and best practices, Eastern’s E-Huddle was an avenue for businesses to learn how to cope and thrive in the now normal.

Future Proofing the Business

(From left to right) Host Carla Barretto, Major Oak Managing Partner
Abdelrahman Ayman, Cisco SD-WAN Sales Specialist Ronald Van Kleunen, and Eastern Communications Head of Enterprise Marketing Gian Carlo Conde during one of the E-Huddle sessions about future-proofing your business.

Accelerate digitization

Sharing his experience with Cisco during the crisis, Cisco SD-WAN Sales Specialist Ronald Van Kleunen noted that to achieve a resilient enterprise architecture, one must have the ability to be flexible to shift and scale IT capacity, capability, and resources where the demand lies and as the market environment evolves.

One keyway to future-proof the business is to implement technologies that can better equip the company for uncertain circumstances, such as cloud and cybersecurity. Whether a startup or a large company, digital transformation can help drive productivity and optimize workforce management.

“You must have the ability to develop and automate new capabilities in an agile manner as the business need arises. No compromise on employee safety, security, productivity, and experience across a flexible distributed working environment,” said Ronald.

Utilize remote collaboration

Remote work will stay for a while even post-pandemic. This means utilizing remote collaboration within the business is imperative to remain productive despite the distance. Ronald shared that this can help a company act proactively and adapt to new work environments while promoting efficiency and productivity.

Collaborating across cities, countries, and time zones does not have to be a daunting task. Once you’ve found the right combination for your team, you will be able to work as effectively and efficiently as you would in an office environment.

Incorporate sustainability

According to Abdelrahman Ayman, Major Oak Managing Partner, companies should also consider the importance of incorporating sustainability initiatives and practices using the Triple Bottom Line: people, profit, and the planet. This method believes that companies should commit to focusing as much on social and environmental concerns as they do on profits.

Corporate sustainability measures the resiliency of the business, based on its impact on the environment, relationship to the community, and contribution to the economy. All three factors play a major role in determining if your business can stand the test of time.

Empower your customers

Gian Carlo Conde, Eastern Communications Head of Enterprise Marketing, shared that taking customers into consideration also plays a big role in keeping your business future-proof. Consumer behaviors constantly change, hence working and collaborating with them will allow you to provide the best product or solutions possible.

“Empowering your customer starts with listening to them and getting a better understanding of where they are currently and where they want to be. Don’t sell just for the sake of making sales, transition from product selling to solution selling based on pain points or needs,” he added.

The pandemic indeed has taught lessons among many industries in its most challenging ways. Nonetheless, there is no other way but forward for businesses to thrive as they continuously navigate the pandemic era and hereafter. Through Eastern Communications’ E-Huddle webinar series, businesses get to learn from key opinion leaders who share their own expertise on digital transformation and ways to implement forward planning measures to help future-proof companies for years to come.

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