ComCo Southeast Asia or ComCo SEA was born out of the dream of individuals coming together to form a communications agency that champions its people and makes a difference – in the hearts and minds of consumers; in the brands, companies, and organizations that we partner with; and in the lives of people and communities reached by our work.

ComCo Southeast Asia is a trailblazing and global award-winning integrated communications agency powered by the coalition of premier brand architects, inspired storytellers, and communication trailblazers in the region. Based in the Philippines and with affiliate presence in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, ComCo SEA takes the lead in the innovation of premier brands and growth of up-and-coming businesses through the emerging global disciplines of New PR – a strategy based, content-driven, and channel-agnostic way of doing PR, and Smart Social – a holistic, authentic and integrated approach in the maximization of digital and social channels.

At the core of ComCo SEA is its unique brand of Meaningful Storytelling based on its corporate mantra and the mission to Ignite Brand Love, Social Change, Talent Growth and Regional Collaboration. In just 5 years, The Agency has done groundbreaking works for more than 65 local, regional and international brands including reputable development and humanitarian organizations.

ComCo SEA has been awarded twice as Agency of the Year 2nd Runner-up at the IABC Philippine Quill Awards, Finalist for Boutique PR Consultancy of the Year in Asia at Campaign Asia Pacific’s PR Awards Asia, and 76 metals from various local and international award-giving bodies since its creation in 2016.

Our goal is to share stories that connect, ideas that transform, campaigns that make the world just a little bit better.

This is our ComCo Squadron. Trailblazing. Transformative. Limitless.


To be a global independent communications agency working with a network of independents in Southeast Asia and across the regional centers of the world, in providing integrated communications solutions and services to brands, companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes. From local to international brands, start-ups to multinationals, indigenous products to tech solutions, social enterprises and advocacies to development organizations, ComCo SEA aims to share their stories to the world through programs and campaigns that connect, ignite and make a difference.


To be the strategic partner of reputable brands, companies and organization in the Philippines, across Southeast Asia and the rest of the regional centers of the world in Igniting:

BRAND LOVE. Sharing stories that connect to people, creating campaigns that make an impact and doing great work that transcends generations
SOCIAL CHANGE. Crafting campaigns and working on projects that make the world a little better
TALENT DEVELOPMENT. Creating a space that helps mold the next generation of communications professionals and business leaders
INTER-REGIONAL COLLABORATION. Being the leader that makes sharing of ideas possible uniting independent players from different markets to serve regions integrated by new world direction and advancement in technology

Opening up limitless possibilities through the integrated use of the emerging global practices of New PR and Smart Social, and related communications disciplines.


Our culture shapes and unites us, as we move forward as a team that seeks to drive change and move hearts and minds. In line with our love of our country and planet, we’ve defined our core values through the endangered species found in Southeast Asia and across the the Pacific.

Upholds Unity Drawn by Individual Stories and Team Journey
Caring for people is our commitment. We value and nurture our team. From sharing individual journeys to creating team experiences, we build and back each other up. From discovering and developing new talents to molding and honing new team leaders and business leaders, we believe and invest in inclusive growth.

Upholds Rebellion Against Monotony to Pursue Excellence
We do business differently and we value excellence. We aren’t afraid to go against the norms. We believe in inspiring project ownership to deliver excellent results in every story that well and in every campaign we craft.

Upholds Commitment to Advocacies that Matter and taken to Heart
We believe that businesses have a responsibility to drive change for the better. We support advocacies, and brands and companies that feel the same.

Upholds Equal Access and Opportunity for All
We believe in the strength that comes from diversity. From inspiring nationalism to welcoming regional and inter-regional collaboration, we believe in the free exchange of ideas and creating an inclusive space for all.


ComCo Southeast Asia unveils its icon – a mothership housing the company’s great works and individuals with immense talent, meaning, passion and dreams, and taking off to conquer new horizons. As each of us explores the world and fulfills our respective missions, we always return, recharge and reunite in our mothership where we all belong. That mothership is a vessel, a second home, a safe zone, a creativity playground, and a jumping board that empowers the ComCo Squadron to do more groundbreaking projects and make a difference along the way.

ComCo’s logo transforms from speech bubble into a digital screen, which beams the image of the mothership, and reflects the more modern, more complete and more integrated way of communicating in a world that has evolved. It shows the advancement, the digital and multi-touchpoint integration, and the completeness of the emerging global disciplines it champions – New PR and Smart Social. It represents the company’s outlook of being a global independent communications agency working with a network of independents in Southeast Asia and across the regional centers of the world, in providing integrated communications solutions and services to brands, companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Whether online or on-site, ComCo SEA is ready to soar higher with its unique brand of meaningful storytelling, which is also the Agency’s new mantra, to ignite brand love, social change, talent growth and regional alliance.

ComCo Southeast Asia led by its Regional Inegration and Chief Executive Director Ferdinand L. Bondoy is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP), the Public Relations and Communications Association Southeast Asia (PRCA SEA), the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), the ASEAN Public Relations Network (APRN), the Social Media Club based in Los Angeles in USA and the International Public Relations Association (IPRA).