Today’s Philippine job market landscape has become highly competitive with the emergence of a growing number of skilled workers. According to SEEK’s 2023 Philippine Employment Outlook article, this increase was likely driven by the inflow of foreign investments, opening more doors for growth. While this presents more opportunities, it also means that more candidates are vying for open positions, making it a test of who can stand out best to employers.

That is why, maximizing the digital tools and platforms widely accessible today can be crucial in making your job search journey less complicated. According to the Future of Recruitment report by Jobstreet by SEEK, 28% of the Filipino job seekers surveyed prefer to use online recruitment platforms because of the convenience they offer. Through these, job opportunities become readily available within your fingertips. At the click of a button, you can already find companies that fit your background and preferences.

However, matching with top roles and employers can still be tough given the wide range of opportunities offered. Every online job portal is also not the same and therefore does not offer the same perks. That is why Jobstreet by SEEK continues to innovate and adapt to the changing times to be able to empower Filipino candidates in their job hunting journey. Its newly transformed AI-powered platform redefines the way Filipino talents and hirers connect.

Better Job Matches. Gone are the days where you have to manually scrutinize each job post and see if it fits your preferences. With the improved platform, you can expect better job matching and receive a “Top Candidate Badge” if you are a strong applicant for a role, saving you hours of scrolling through job posts that don’t fit your credentials or are already over-saturated by competition. Through the AI-powered algorithm, it also offers a Smarter Search which recommends  jobs that might interest you based on your career profile.

Better User-Experience. Not only do you get matched with better job opportunities, you also get a better user experience. You can now customize your profile visibility to hirers to give them a signal that you are open to opportunities even if you are not actively applying for jobs at the moment. This way, hirers can easily contact you if you are a good fit for specific open positions in their organization. To increase your visibility to hirers, you simply need to go to your profile’s settings, click “Profile Visibility”, and adjust your preferences accordingly.

In addition to that, this transformation makes it possible to have access to jobs in eight markets across the Asia Pacific region within just a single platform, giving you more opportunities to choose from!

Better Career Advice. Jobstreet by SEEK also continues to invest in empowering talents through seekMAX, its own online content learning platform found inside the JobStreet app. This helps talents like you to further upskill and get equipped for free while also giving you a chance to connect with a community you can engage with in career-related discussions.

Aside from this, a dedicated Career Advice page can also be found on the site, so you will be equipped with relevant information to stand out and survive the competitive job hunting experience.

“We understand that finding the right job has become complex, and  it will only continue to progress in the coming years. We acknowledge the challenges and have embarked on a transformative journey with the hopes of catering to the needs of our customers and help connect employers with talent more effectively,” says Dannah Majarocon, Managing Director, Philippines, Jobstreet by SEEK.

To learn more about the new features of Jobstreet by SEEK, visit or download the mobile app via Google Play or App Store.


About Jobstreet by SEEK

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