By: AC Recio

cody comco southeast asia virtual assistant

From the deepest depths of the internet to the concrete jungle of the real world, the evolution of digital media has opened up new ways for companies to talk to their audiences online and even affect their actions in real life. Brands have developed their own personalities and personas to connect to people better and to give them the experience that would satisfy their needs. For companies and brands, especially during this time of digital transformation, it’s either lead the charge or move over.

ComCo Southeast Asia, with its goal of Igniting Brand Love, has already taken the lead in this shifting landscape by putting their minds together and pouring their hearts out to create the perfect solution to this problem. Thanks to the digital ecosystem in ComCo SEA Command Center, the comprehensive research and insights, from previous ComCo SEA-led campaigns, and the burning passion and glowing talent of the ComCo Squadron, ComDroid CSCC316 (a.k.a.Cody) was born!


ComDroid CSCC316 a.k.a. Cody is ComCo Southeast Asia’s new Virtual Assistant – an all-in-one android with a one-for-all attitude. And although he may be the youngest member of the ComCo Squadron, he personifies ComCo’s values of Igniting Brand Love, Igniting Social Change, Igniting Talent, and Igniting Southeast Asia just as much as the rest of the team.

Cody’s role as Virtual Assistant is threefold: for Digital and Social Assets, Community Interface and Internal Communications, and Brand Ambassador, making him both the face and the voice of ComCo. Cody makes regular appearances on ComCo’s social media materials and website, and interacts with people online through chat, DMs and emails, while reinforcing the fun, innovative and inquisitive nature of the brand. Cody has merch too – cards, mugs, his own logo, and who knows what’s next!

cody comco southeast asia virtual assistant

With the rapid evolution of digital media, brands are expected to be more adaptable and to find solutions that will help them make the best of available platforms. Cody is just one of the solutions possible within the new frontier of social media, and we can expect more innovations that will help humanize brands and ignite brand love.