Goodyear Philippines looks back at its legacy of innovation for 120 years and looks forward to the road ahead

Manila, Philippines – As a global leader in the tire industry, Goodyear marks another milestone as it celebrates its 120-year history of breakthrough achievements and products, while continuing to keep its eye on the road ahead with innovations beyond tires to help advance the next revolution in mobility.

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company have left tracks intertwined closely with key milestones in history. Founded at the dawn of the motor age, Goodyear tires have not only travelled roads of all conditions all over the world but even took to the skies and eventually traveled to the moon. With 120 years of achievements and innovation as its core, Goodyear has generations of momentum propelling them forward to continue innovating for more decades to come.

“The Goodyear Tire & Rubber company has always been at the forefront of innovation. For 120 years, we have broken new ground not just on land but in the air and even the moon. And as we celebrate this milestone occasion, we are inviting families to create their own milestone moments with Goodyear,” shared Mr. Kenneth Sambajon, Market Director of Goodyear Philippines.

120 years of Innovation

From racetracks to the Modular Equipment Transporter on the Moon, Goodyear’s products are found in a multitude of exciting and compelling human achievements throughout its history.

Established in 1898, the company was named after Charles Goodyear, who discovered the vulcanization of rubber that changed the way we move forever. His namesake company has claimed many firsts; and among these firsts were pushing the limits of mobility by being the first tires to set foot on the moon with NASA astronauts in 1971 and the first radial tires for commercial aircraft in 1985.

On the track, Goodyear has always been at the top of the leaderboard. In 1998, it won its 368th Formula One Grand Prix race, the most among any tire manufacturer. It has also been a fixture in NASCAR racing for over 60 years and remains the exclusive tire supplier to the circuit’s top three circuits.

Its many breakthroughs continued in recent years with Goodyear’s strong commitment to not only deliver cutting-edge products but also in product responsibility and ecological sustainability. Their dedication has led to Goodyear to using soybean oil-based rubber compound in its tires in 2012 and the introduction of next-generation and environmental-friendly silica derived from rice husk ash in 2015 that increases the fuel efficiency of its tires.

Goodyear is ready to face the road ahead as it leads the tire market into the future. With the growth of artificial intelligence in recent years, in 2017 it presented the artificial intelligence-powered Eagle-360 spherical-shape concept tire that allows to sense, decide, transform, and interact with the world around it while in 2018, it presented its latest concept tire Oxygene that brings mobility to life as it features living moss to grow within its sidewall, allowing photosynthesis to occur which then releases oxygen into the air.

The Road to 100 years in the Philippines

While celebrating its 120 years of innovation globally, Goodyear Philippines is also gearing up for 2019 as it celebrates its 100 years in the country.

Continuing its legacy of innovation, Goodyear Philippines recently launched its breakthrough Assurance TripleMax 2 tires, which was enhanced to deliver better performance, specifically in its wet braking, handling, comfort, and resistance. It is equipped with the new HydroTred Technology, which is optimized for excellent grip performance with short braking distance under wet road conditions. This allows drivers to stop faster and drive safer especially on wet roads.

To service its customers, Goodyear Philippines continues to have the largest network of tire retailers and Goodyear Autocare outlets nationwide. It is also committed towards the expansion of its retail footprint nationwide with 100 Goodyear Autocare outlets to date.

Goodyear is also focused on further improving its after-sales service through continuous certification programs to its technicians, state-of-the-art facilities, and an enhanced overall customer experience.

With more activities lined up for their 100th Anniversary and the launch of new and advanced products suited to move Filipino drivers and families, the next year is bound to be a memorable one for Goodyear Philippines and its customers.

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About Goodyear

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