Eastern Communications (ETPI) and Marriott Manila recently celebrated their Strong Connection and partnership at an afternoon tea hosted at Marriott Manila’s Still Tea & Whisky Bar.

Eastern Communications

Marriott Manila’s Tea and Whiskey Lounge, one of the many areas where guests can enjoy ETPI’s hotel Wi-Fi services

Eastern Communications is one of the country’s top premier telecommunications companies, trailblazing paths for business connectivity in strategic locations in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and Baguio.

Powered by ETPI, Marriott Manila is a testimony to Eastern’s continued vision of providing the hospitality industry with innovative data services and faster, more reliable internet connection.

Creating Stronger Connections

Marriott Manila General Manager Bruce Winton lauded Eastern Communications as a connectivity partner, describing how Eastern has provided internet speed of up to 450 Mbps.

This fast and stable internet connection is a great asset for Marriot Manila as the hotel has also expanded over the years, with the addition of more hotel rooms, the West Wing, and the Grand Ballroom, which is one of the largest meeting facilities in the country.

Winton shared that they’ve had as much as 10,000 users simultaneously connected to their public area WiFi.

He added, “Needless to say, no General Manager in our business would want 10,000 unhappy guests. I’m not a technical guy … but I’ll tell you what’s important to me, and that is 10,000 happy users. And I’m very pleased to say that is the case.”

Eastern Communications

Marriott Manila’s General Manager Bruce Winton shares how Eastern Communications lets their guests enjoy a reliable and strong internet connection. From Left to Right: Catherine Muynila, Eastern Communications’ Head of Marketing; Marriott Manila General Manager Bruce Winton; Bernard Bernardino, Eastern Communications’ Head of Quality Assurance, customer service and fraud; event host KA Antonio.

Providing fast and reliable internet for the hospitality industry

Catherine Muynila, Eastern Communications’ Head of Marketing, also shared details about Eastern Communications latest products and services for hotels and restaurants, highlighting the company’s edge in providing better services for the hospitality industry.

These products include their Internet Direct Service or IDS, a premium and dedicated internet service with a 1:1 contention ratio. It runs through Eastern Communications’ fully redundant fiber optic network, capable of providing gigabit per second connection between the Philippines and peering partners in the Asia Pacific Region, as well as the US and Europe. IDS has high-speed, high quality and redundant links that are ideal for companies with round-the-clock, mission critical transactions.

Meanwhile the ISDN PRI is a voice service that allows customers to utilize multiple voice channels through a single phone line. ISDN PRI service is suited for companies with high voice traffic, such as contact centres, which allow clients to experience better value for money without sacrificing voice quality.

The launch of customized packages for different industries is part of Eastern Communications’ vision of providing customers with its unique brand of “high tech and high touch” service.

High tech, Muynila described, means delivering products and services that are at par with other telecommunication companies while high touch means offering personalized customer service and solutions to their clients, helping them to arrive at solution suited to their company or industry’s needs.

As Marriott Manila and Eastern Communications kicks off 2018, they look forward to leveraging their Strong Connection to help hotel guests discover and enjoy everything the digital world has to offer during their stay in Marriott Manila – from sharing unique dining and vacation experiences for those on vacation, to making doing business smoother and faster.

For more information on Eastern Communications and its products and services, visit eastern.com.ph.

ComCo Southeast Asia is the PR partner of Eastern Communications.