Passion fuels the ComCo team’s engine. In our industry, this often refers to that drive to win, to be seen and heard everywhere, to move our public. While we also desire those, we collectively believe that to achieve brand love as we call it, passion needs to hinge on deeper purpose and greater commitment. We have made it a mission to achieve this not just for the brands we believe in, but also for advocacies we have fought for even as individuals. This is one of the many reasons why we have created Citizen ComCo, It is to be able to work alongside our heroes who champion a cause that is worth everyone’s attention and action.

We are truly grateful for the trust given to us by our longstanding partners, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Best Alternatives. It is an honour to be able to tell their stories to their target audience and to impact their lives and the society as a whole with their campaigns.

Six Athletes Swim to Save the Verde Island

Passage for Reef Strokes

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Hero of the Environment Atty. Ingemar Macarine, Frank Lacson, Be

tsy Medalla,Julian Valencia, Moi Yamoyam and Miguel Villanueva swam an open-water swim marathon last May 29 for Reef Strokes, an event to celebrate Coral Triangle Day and highlight the dangers of plastic pollution and climate change on the Verde Island Passage, dubbed as the center of the center of marine shorefish biodiversity.

“Coral reefs give millions of people food and livelihoods,” adds WWF-Philippines President & CEO Joel Palma. “However, they are threatened by plastic waste, which smothers delicate corals. Climate change effects such as global warming also lead to coral bleaching, turning once-productive reefs into graveyards coated by algae. Reef Strokes shows how our collective ‘strokes’ will take us to the finish line, which is a world where productive oceans continue to gift Filipinos with food, jobs – even the very air we breathe.”

To read more about why a 13.5k open water swim to send a message is worth every stroke, visit

Three Ways to Save Nemo and Defend Dory

Sure, Finding Nemo was an awesome movie, inspiring a generation of people to love clownfish, now colloquially called Nemos. Its intended message was to keep fish in the sea, where they belong.

But did you know that after the movie, millions of clownfish were plucked from coral reefs and plunged into aquaria? Everyone wanted to keep Nemo! Clownfish sales jumped 40% and many reefs were left without the happily-dancing orange fish. Sadly, many of them died at the hands of well-meaning but inexperienced aquarists – because those pretty marine fish are also pretty hard to keep.

With the release of Finding Dory on June 16, a global spike in marine aquarium fish demand is expected. The Philippines and Indonesia are the world’s top exporters of wild-caught marine fish, supplying 85% of the trade – so Pinoy fishers will soon be scouring reefs for Nemo, Dory and all their finned friends.

Best Alternatives have come up with a few suggestions on how we can help protect these finned creatures. Find out here.

In addition, netizens (yes you!) can also show your support by changing your profile pictures from June to July for the #DEFENDORY campaign – which asks people to see Dory in her home instead of wanting to own her in an aquarium.

Our fervent hope is that even after these campaigns have ended, the messages leave a mark enough to move us to remember in our daily lives that protecting our environment is everyone’s business.