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Built by the Agency’s pool of experts, Camp ComCo Mentorship Program is an intensive and comprehensive talent incubation initiative, industry linkage course and apprenticeship program designed to transform communication, marketing and multimedia arts students and fresh graduates into revolutionary practitioners of the industry.

Presented in three phases, Skills Calibration, Strategic Communications Immersion and Specialization Elective, the Camp ComCo curriculum is facilitated by ComCo Southeast Asia’s pool of marketing and communication experts and its network of industry practitioners in the region. Camp ComCo gives participants the opportunity to interact with experts in the field, work on actual communication projects and learn about the latest trends in the industry.

The Apprentices are assigned to four different mentorship houses – House Bearcat, House Flying Fox, House Whaleshark and House Hawksbill.



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ComCo Southeast Asia has opened the 19th cycle of its award-winning Camp ComCo Mentorship Program. The resistance, as the agency describes its squadron, is now looking for its new creative rebels / apprentices to join its ranks and push the boundaries of the global practices and emerging disciplines of New PR and Smart Social.

If you think you have that edge to become the next communication rockstars, send your application and CV to To know more about the camp, like or follow us at Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter.