As the Philippine 2016 national election became heated and intense, M&M’s introduced a campaign that made the people cool down and have some fun!

Red (Matapang, Magaling Red), Yellow (Kabarkada ng Bayan Yellow) and Green (Confidently Smart Bae-yani Green) became official candydates and ran for the M&M’s Character of the Year election, also known as #VoteMMs2016.

Like a real election campaign, the brand‘s candydates had their own campaign managers and teams, PR and social media campaign, press rounds, miting de avance that includes a grand but fun debate, motorcade and jingles, among others! Public response and social media engagement were overwhelmingly high even in days when there were no Facebook boosts! At the end of the campaign, Red won and was declared the Character of the Year!

ComCo Southeast Asia is the PR partner of M&M’s.